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Anglojęzyczny Suplement Przeglądu Religioznawczego 2012 no. 1

Niniejsza publikaja została sfinansowana w ramach programu Ministerstwa Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego: Narodowy Program Rozwoju Humanistycznego (NPRH)


The present thesis has been financed as a part of a programme of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, which is called: The National Programme for the Development of Humanities (NPRH)


Anglojęzyczny Suplement Przeglądu Religioznawczego 2012 no. 1

Andrzej Wójtowicz   New environments and categories of religion 
Janusz Mariański, Stanisław Wargacki   New spirituality as a new social and cultural mega-tendency
Zbigniew Drozdowicz   Discreet charm of the primary forms of religious life
Sławomir Sztajer   The naturalness of religion and the existence of unbelief
Adam Kubiak   Towards to Non-Phantasmatic Inquires: Looking for a Gap
Zbigniew Stachowski   Cultural Dictate of Christianity
Jarema Drozdowicz   Between Kwanzaa and Jediism. Contemporary constructions of religious identity and imagined communities
Gracjan Cimek   World Russian National Council as a religious and political institution
Jerzy Kojkoł, Andrzej Łapa   Islam and its stereotypes seen by “the missionaries”
Bogdan Szajkowski   Contemporary aspects of Sunni-Shiite conflict
Jerzy Kojkoł   The sacralization of the nation in the Polish social thought of the interwar period. Selected contexts
Ewa Stachowska   Between tabloidization of religion and religious affiliation on Facebook. Religion in the modern world Part I – Press and television
Paweł Borecki   The Autonomy of Churches and other Denominations in Contemporary Polish Law